World’s Tallest Observation Wheel ‘Ain Dubai’ Would Be Finished Before Expo 2020

The highly anticipated ‘Ain Dubai’ would be completed in time for Expo 2020. On Wednesday, a Dubai based holding company made this announcement. Developer Meraas affirmed that ‘Ain Dubai’, the world’s tallest observation wheel would be finished before the Expo 2020. The observation wheel which stands over 250 meters high, would be over 200% taller than the first-ever Ferris wheel that was built for the 1893 Chicago World Fair.

The developer even stated that the eighth and final 450-tonne temporary spoke has been favourably removed from the structure; whereas the last of the wheel’s permanent spoke cables has been set up, as development on the project is ongoing. For the first time, this step notices the modern observation structure has been one complete wheel since construction work started.

As the development of ‘Ain Dubai’ advances, the enormous degree of the project becomes more clear. With the withdrawal of the final temporary steel spoke, the weight of the wheel rim has been totally shifted to 192 spoke cables, which safeguard the structural integrity of ‘Ain Dubai’ via the process of permanent compression.

The eight temporary steel spokes and rim braces weighed over 5,000 tonnes, while the length of each permanent spoke being longer than a professional football pitch.

The cable wires accountable for holding the wheel rim in place have a total length of 2,400 kilometres, which is equivalent to the distance between Dubai and Cairo.

When comparing other observation wheels, ‘Ain Dubai’ will stand some 83 meters higher than the present tallest wheel, the High Roller in Las Vegas, and 115 meters higher than the London Eye in the UK.