Unknown Locations to Visit This Weekend in the UAE

Do you love to travel to places that are a little bit off the beaten path?  If yes, here you will get here some hidden locations around the UAE that might seem strange but is worth visiting.

Abandoned Russian Airplane in Umm Al Quwain

In its present, ramshackle state, the plane is being used as a billboard for a local hotel. The debilitated airplane is a Soviet-era Ilyushin IL 76. Many rumors surround this aircraft which has become a favorite pastime among photographers. There is another plane, Antonov AN-2 which is embellished with the colors of the UAE flag. The inside of this Antonov AN-2 still remains intact and one can view it through Google Street View photos.

Al Qassimi Palace, Ras Al Khaimah

Situated along Sheikh Rashid Bin Said Road, this now-obsolete hotel presumptively costed Dh500 million to build. The 31-year-old hotel has received plenty of visitors who were enthusiastic to see if the place is really ‘haunted’ or not. It’s not totally abandoned as a watchman is still present. According to reports, the watchman has seen many strange occurrences such as a child’s laugh emerging from the hotel.

Buried Village, Sharajah

To visit this place, visitsors would need a 4X4 vehicle. According to sources the Buried Village is situated just off Sharjah’s Al Madam Road. The village is the home to different rows of villas immersed in the sand. While visiting this place, make sure to wear warm clothing as you might need to climb over some dunes in order to explore the place.

There are many more unknown places which is worth visiting in the UAE.