The UAE to welcome the Pope on his first Papal visit to the Arab-Peninsula

Currently, the Vatican informed the Press that the upcoming year will be the busiest for Pope Francis. He will be visiting several continents together to discuss peace and address conferences. The counties he will visit include Central America, Asia, and North and East Africa.

Along with these the most anticipated one is the Pope’s first-ever visit the Arab-Peninsula. He will be going for 3-5 visits to the UAE where he will be meeting political leaders along with Catholic foreign workers in the UAE. The purpose of the Pope’s visit is to discuss Christian-Muslim dialogues and ways to establish harmonious relations with other counties.

This year his theme for the conference is peace with its emblem being a dove carrying an olive branch. According to the President and Prime minister of the UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Pope’s visit is much anticipated.

He further mentions how discussing peace and ways to maintain harmony will help his country and Vatican develop deeper bonds. He intends to participate and discuss ways to ensure the UAE takes an active part in retaining world peace.