UAE Students Elated About Launch of Their Satellite

UAE students would be conducting final tests on their nanosatellite, which intends to deal with climate change. Around 30 pupils at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah (AURAK) and the Khalifa University have worked jointly to construct the nanosatellite, known as MeznSat. Earlier this month, it was announced that the UAE Space Agency would be using the services of Exolaunch, a German firm, in order to send the nanosatellite into orbit.

Basel Altawil is a mechanical engineering student at AURAK who assisted with this project stated that the development of the MeznSat is that it is in its testing phase. They made the crucial design last month and presently, they are doing the thermal and vibration testing that is the final step of testing before the launch. He further added that he has been associated with this project for three years, and he has helped with the design part of the custom port and the thermal stimulators. One of the main ambitions of this project is to assist students in generating an interest in space and space-related technologies.

Altawil stated that over 90 per cent of the pupils associated with the project are Emiratis, and it aided many of them grow an interest and obtain knowledge in the field.

Another AURAK student who was also a part of the MeznSat team for a while is software engineering student Fatema Alayyan.

With the start nearing, it’s very scary. There is a lot of work to do and there has been so many endeavors put into it. She stated that they are looking forward to launch the satellite and hope it works properly.

The MeznSat consist of two payloads, deployable antennas, an RGB camera, an onboard computer to measure sensor data on the satellite, a communication system to communicate with the ground station, and a spectrometer that will measure the gases.

Last year, the MySat-1 nanosatellite, which was developed by Khalifa University students, was launched into the orbit.