UAE Space Agency Director States That Space Tourism is ready for Take Off

The UAE could provide the launch pad to finally get ambitious space tourism plans off the ground, the country’s space agency director said.

Mohammad Al Ahbabi, director of the UAE Space Agency, stated that the organization is working with Virgin Galactic on an attempt to conduct tourist space flights from Al Ain International Airport in the approaching years.
The declaration comes three months after a Virgin Galactic rocket lift –off into space, moving forward endeavors to start a prospective service for paying passengers.
Pilots Mark Stucky and C J Sturckow burned the rocket engine of their Unity spacecraft for 60 seconds, taking them to a height of over 50 miles (80.5 kilometres).
It observed the first crewed flight into space from US soil since the end of NASA’s shuttle missions.
A second favorable test flight was conducted in February.
Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, stated that he hoped to make his first flight sometime this year as the company hastens its effort to start commercial operations.
Mr Al Ahbabi stated that Virgin Galactic which was founded by Sir Richard Branson and is owned by Virgin group and Mubadala Investment Company is the first business space agency in the world and has carried out rewarding trial flights presently.
The reason why the company preferred Al Ain airport is because it’s not very crowded like other UAE airports, which are expected to operate thousands of flights.
Airbus has made use of Al Ain airport to emphasize test its new aircraft in high summer temperatures, including the wide-body A350. It was chosen due to its hot, dry conditions and relatively quiet runways.