UAE Space Agency Chief States There Are No Differences in Space

International cooperation continues to be a major constituent which might help the UAE to attain its national space objectives. This statement was made by the UAE Space Agency chief, as his team gets ready to launch their first UAE built satellite into space from Japan this year. Side by side, their first Emirati astronaut from Russia would be heading to the International Space Station in the year 2019.

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi, Director-General of the UAE Space Agency, dropped some light over the partnership of their agency with different countries and ways through which the countries have empowered the UAE space industry so that it can move ahead.

Al Ahbabi flew to the UK in order to sign an agreement with the current NASA administrator, in order to get cooperation over reinforced space flights. He disclosed that the deal would allow the UAE to make use of the US facilities present in the International Space Station (ISS), where the first Emirati would be going by boarding the Russian spacecraft, Soyuz MS-12. He hopes that experts from other countries should become a part of the UAE Space Agency’s advisory committee. It would help to exchange knowledge and encourage further cooperation in international space. He stated that countries might hold differences against each other on Earth; however, countries are working with each other in space. For instance, Russia and the US might have differenced on land, but in space, they are working combined.

He further added that UAE’s space industry isn’t a new one; it was established 20 years ago. They started with two satellites and now they have three satellites. They would be launching their latest satellite KhalifaSAT later this year. This venture clearly shows that the UAE is developing and producing the space field also. For the space community, they are upholding a bright future.

Al Ahbabi stated that the UAE is motivating other Arab nations so that they can develop their space industries. In their endeavor, they have become successful as they have brought 11 Arab countries in order to talk on the matter of Arab space cooperation.