UAE Sets Up Massive Infrastructure for Studying Autistic Spectrum

With the initiative of the MBRU and Autism Programme at Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital, UAE had its first genome-sequencing in Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is too early to state the result of this experiment as it is still in its foundation stage. However, this is a paradigm shift for the medical and healthcare industry of the United Arab Emirates.

The main purpose of this experiment is to understand the genetic basis of autistic kids. With gradual development, there is a chance of unfolding the mechanism and science behind this disease. The researchers and doctors involved in this venture are hoping that this experiment can enhance the diagnosis.

This would eventually help them in future to evaluate the patients suffering from this incurable disease. Currently, the team is deploying nanopore to read a whole genome of the autistic boy. Nanopore is a new technology that allows long read DNA sequencing for better comprehension. The researchers claimed this entire process entails implementation of state-of-the-art sequencing technology with accurate computing power. To cater to their requirements, nanopore is a perfect option for the time being. It enables them to decipher a complete genetic mutation spectrum.

The primary objectives of this venture are:

  • Spotting of accurate diagnosis
  • Hit the recurrence rate of this disease
  • Precision in every aspect

With such purposes and advancements, the doctors are hopeful that they will be able to bring in exceptional therapeutics for treating the side effects of autism in the coming days. Autism is a disease which is closely related to several genetic factors, and be requires precise treatment. Albeit, it is a comprehensive analysis, the doctors are working around the clock for providing fruitful results. If sources are to believed, it may take several months before drawing a conclusion.