UAE Residents Chase after Visa-Free Trips as Airfares Soars!

According to Albert Fernando, the CEO of travel wings, due to the skyrocketing price of airfare during National holidays, most UAE based citizens are choosing visa-free locations for a destination vacation.

These citizens are advised by travel agents to book tickets 90 days before their vacation to get extra discounts. Further reports by Fernando claim that citizens are choosing the top visa-free locations currently for celebrating UAE national holidays.

These are Ukraine, Georgia, and Azerbaijan; in off seasons these counties offer less than Dh1, 999 per person, unlike major holidays.

Other popular destination picked by citizens includes Kenya, Maldives, and Bali where per package cost per offseason varies from Dh2, 499 to Dh4, 100.

Now, according to the holiday manager at UTravel DMCC, IramAjmal, the demand for conventional destinations are dropping among UAE citizens. The reason being the airfares are increasing at a rapid pace. Moreover, over the years to come airfares will increase more than present times considerably.

Thus, for cities without a visa, people are taking up more off-season traveling as airfare are cut 50% from original prices. For Sri Lanka in season package cost Dh1, 800, however, in the off-season it went down to Dh 1,500. Similarly, for Seychelles, Bangkok, and Malaysia the price went down to 50% of the original package.

Now, with only 3-4 holidays available during UAE national holidays, most people are pre-booking tickets early to comparative nearby locations. This enables citizens to conduct short tours and come back quickly to resume work.

Presently, with the upsurge sale of tickets for UAE National Holidays, flight commandments instruct citizens to reach the airport 3 hours prior to departure. The national holiday will be celebrated for 3 days this year, thus travel will undoubtedly be at its peak this week for the UAE.