UAE Prepares Nine Goals as Major Preferences for Its Participation in UNGA 73

The UAE has set nine priorities which it wants to point out during its participation for the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The nine goals are designed in order to certify the participation of the nation as a modern and developed state that claims a powerful eminence in the Middle East region. It also wants to advocate the values of tolerance, sustainable development, and inclusion.

The country leaves no stone unturned in order to maintain peace and security in the Middle East in cooperation with the other nations within the region.

In this blog, one will get to learn about the lists of the priorities as presented by the UAE. Check out below:

  1. Tolerance would be regarded as a basic value that the nation considers as a crucial factor in order to ensure stability within the region. The country’s leaders would be setting up a model that can be used for the creation of a peaceful society which can challenge riotous ideologies.
  2. The UAE believes that regional stability won’t be achieved without eradicating extremism and terrorism. The UAE considers both terrorism and extremism as a crucial threat to international security.
  3. The country is completely ready to provide support for all constructive efforts in order to reach peaceful settlements. It wants to promote peace and strategic efforts in the Middle East.
  4. Mitigating humanitarian suffering can be possible through charitable and developmental aid. UAE believes that settlement of disputes is connected with assuring sustainable development.
  5. The UAE continues to stress on the importance of equality of gender and advocating the empowerment of women as an integral part of its policy. It tries to exhibit this point through its association with United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.
  6. The UAE wants to provide their full support for the integration of the youth within the society. After all, the UAE believes challenges can’t be addressed without taking a future-oriented approach on partnering with youth.
  7. The UN needs to be reformed so that it empowers to meet the obligations. UAE believes that the UN is facing cross-border challenges.
  8. Best efforts to utilize technologies with the goal to address the crucial global challenges, such as fostering partnership in areas like digital space, or using science and technology to realize SDGs.
  9. It would be addressing climate change so that the effect can be diminished. The UAE is working ardently to make use of international efforts in order to deal with the threats of climate change.

UAE pledges to provide full support to the UN and UN Secretary General in order to deal with the hurdles and respecting international law.