UAE Plans To Finance Projects for the Disabled

A system will be made by the Ministry of Community Development to finance the projects and businesses of the people of determination. It will help them to integrate with their workforce. The announcement of the system was made by a minister of the UAE. This announcement came as part of the three objectives or strategies that have been launched by the Ministry to implement the Cabinet Resolution No. 43 of UAE. It is said in this resolution that it will enable people of determination to get equal access to the labor market and it is also ensured that they get the right to work while providing with all the required support to them. In fact, they will also get equal employment opportunities in different sectors within the country.

Minister of Community Development, Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid, has said that the authorities are also looking at the launch of private businesses which will help them to get training and then recruit people of determination who find it difficult to join the workforce or any workplace. It has also been mentioned by Hessa bint Essa Buhumaid that these businesses will lead their integration in the workforce and also in the society in a realistic manner.

The three objectives that are mentioned are as follows- empowering people of determination to work on an equal footing with others, providing the necessary support to those looking for equal opportunities in different sectors or those already employed or wishing to establish a business, and indicating the obligations of governmental and private bodies to recognize this right in accordance with the legislation in force. The Ministry is already coordinating with the funds that will be provided to the people of determination across the country. One of the important funds is the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development which will help them to finance the projects for the people of determination.