UAE – Passport of the UAE has become the third most powerful in the world

The passport of the UAE jumped to a higher spot and has become the third most powerful in the world. It was only during the last month’s later period that it had climbed to the fourth spot. The travel document of the UAE now has a visa-free score of 163. Among these, the passport holders of the UAE can enter into 113 countries without a visa and 50 countries welcome them with a visa-on-arrival. However, there are still 35 countries globally where the Emiratis need visa to enter.

The ranking provided by Passport Index states that the UAE passport now is in the same league as that of Belgium, Austria, Japan, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada.

The list is topped by Singapore and Germany with a visa-free score of 165 and countries like US, South Korea, France, Denmark and Sweden are some of the 11 countries sharing the second spot with a total score of 164.

Passport Index stated in its blog that the UAE showed positive diplomacy and their focus and determination helped in boosting the power of its passport. The title of the blog was “UAE to Become The World’s Most Powerful Passport?”.

The president of Arton Capital, Armand Arton, which invented the Passport Index said that more and more countries have started placing importance to the power of their passports and how easily and freely can their citizens travel throughout the globe. He further added that the success achieved by the UAE in its initiative has become a testament for the other nations that any vision can be realized with the power of positive diplomacy.