UAE Initiates Campaign to Help Flood Hit Yemenis

On 10th June, the United Arab Emirates started an emergency response campaign to supply relief aid to people already affected by heavy rains and floods that devastated Aden and many other Yemeni cities.

The field volunteer teams of the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) have arrived in the areas impacted by the rains to assess the losses and to offer relief aid, which includes the draining of rainwater from streets and residential areas and offering relief and shelter to the dislodged people in their camps.

The UAE Humanitarian Operations Director for Yemen stated that this campaign is promoting the endeavors of the local authorities in Aden and Lahej. He emphasized on the importance of joint efforts to drain rainwater from the streets and residential neighborhoods to avert epidemic of disease and to open the roads as quickly as possible. He even stated that the campaign also consist of offering help to displaced people.

He cited that ERC has shipped an urgent batch of tents and tarpaulins for the dislodged in the Al Rabat Camp in Aden, to be dispersed to homeless families. A second consignment of tents for the camp would reach soon.