UAE Extends a Helping Hand to Flood-Stricken Yemen

The United Arab Emirates have extended its help to flood-stricken Yemeni people early this month. Torrential rains and flood have distressed different Yemeni cities. As a response to this natural calamity, an emergency response campaign has been created. The motto of the team is to rescue the trapped Yemenis and to supply relief materials to them.

Field teams of Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), have already reached Yemen. According to the sources, the members of these ERC teams have vetted the flood-affected areas. Right now, they are trying to accommodate displaced people in their relief camps. The volunteers have already visited the water laden streets of Yemeni cities and are trying to chalk out a proper plan of draining the water from the streets.

The representatives of ERC said that the help extended to Aden and the neighboring area is a generous decision of the wise leadership of the UAE. This relief work is just an extension of other ongoing humanitarian works that the UAE is conducting in Yemen.

According to the UAE representative in Yemen, batches of tarpaulins and tents have already been deployed to shelter about 1850 displaced families.

The government of Yemen has expressed profound gratitude over this unexpected help from the government of the UAE.