UAE Deserts Ideal for Offering Mars like Climate Calls for Scientific Exploration

According to the latest news from the UAE, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre is busy with building $132-million city in Dubai which will feature Marks like environment. Involved with this project is an astrobiologist named Dr. RosalbaBonaccorsi, who hails from the SETI Institute at Nasa Ames Research Centre. Currently, she will be guest lecturing children at a space camp held in Abu Dhabi by Compass International.

Addressing the 32 enrolled students she will talk about the most anticipated topic of how life can exist beyond Earth and can go undetected. Further, she will discuss ways and strategies to carry out extreme researches in search of extraterrestrial life at space.

According to her research, the UAE, the Mojave, parts of Australia and the Atacama in Chile provide ideal climatic and environmental conditions to replicate the one in Mars. Hence, if these environments can be converted into a Mars-like atmosphere, steadfast research can be conducted which will be priceless for the next generation of space explorers.

Hence, to aid UAE’s space programs and future plans the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre is working diligently to create a faux Mars environment in Dubai worth $132-million. Here, the scientists are using inside research material form space and making dry environments to facilitate a Mars-like habitat. The project by the UAE is a longstanding one and is scheduled for completion by 2117.

Inside this project, the UAE space centers will further focus on life in space can be initiated. Further, current missions are undergoing to find extraterrestrial life and study the various ways life can adjust to harsher conditions.

Presently, Dr. Rosalba Bonaccorsi is very excited to see how the students react to the concepts of life at space and how many initiates they are to put in to explore the unknown.