UAE Has Delivered Over Dh15 Billion as Aid to Yemen Since 2015

The total assistance provided by the United Arab Emirates to Yemen has reached the incredible sum of Dh14.79 billion which is equivalent to $4.03 billion. This is the total sum that has been donated from April of 2015 to September of 2018.

This aid had been instrumental in fulfilling the basic needs of over 16.7 million people in Yemen. Out of that number, 10.1 million are children and a further 3.4 million are women.

In 2018, the assistance provided by the United Arab Emirates has been a total of $1.24 billion so far. Approximately $465 million of that amount has been allocated for supporting the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan of the United Nations.

The humanitarian aid provided by the UAE covers a wide range of sectors. This includes public programs, transport and storage, generation of power and its supply, budget support, construction, education and health among other things. Health, water and public welfare is also included.

Approximately $1.7 billion has been allocated for supporting a variety of general programs.

The government of the UAE has been providing aid to help the public budget of Yemen, particularly the wages of the government employees. This way, the UAE ensures that all government agencies especially those associated with security, education and health are able to keep providing services to a lot of people. At the same time, commodity aid has amounted to Dh3.8 billion

Approximately Dh1.72 billion has been given to support the sector responsible for generating power and supplying the same.

The UAE also gave Dh845 million for helping the health sector. This helped in decreasing the shortage of the medicines, medical supplies and healthcare services.

To ensure that there is easy access to potable water, UAE provided Dh125 million for supporting the water and sanitation sector.