UAE Beats India in the AFC Asian Cups by 2-0

The most awaited match in the AFC Asian Cups has not disappointed the UAE citizens. The match between UAE and India at the packed Zayed Sports City Stadium in Abu Dhabi was a auctioned packed entertainer as UAE beats India my a neat result of 2-0.

The match started with around 43,000 Emirati and Indian supporters singing the national anthems of their respected countries both with high spirits.

The match began with a scary start for UAE, it could possibly be the after effect of the match played with Bahrain which ended up in draw. The Indians on the side were sensational.

India’s Udanta Singh had challenged the UAE backline and captain Sunil Chhetri along with Muhammad Ashique were fantastic with the ball but was tactfully barred by the Emirati player Eisa. Although the India team had made another spectacular attempt through a sharp header but it was once again saved by the dependable Eisa.

In the first half-an-hour of the game, the UAE kept showing a weak performance probably due to lack of confidence but later recovered it by keeping possession of the ball. Player Mabkhout had wasted at least two scoring opportunities in the match.

Eventually the team recovered from its drawbacks scored goals. Mabkhout had good control over the ball and towards the end of the match the team found the perfect rhythm and strategy progress forward with the match. With only five minutes left in the match Ismail Matar showed a breath taking performance.

The two players who scored goals are Ali Mabkhout and Khalfan Mubarak. The team’s hard work and effort led the entire team to move to the top of the table by four points.