Things Are Improving for Pakistani Schools in the UAE

Pakistani schools in the UAE are looking for ways to ameliorate, including one institution that aims on raising teachers’ salaries to boost performance. The move comes after probe reports by local education authorities disclosed Pakistani schools’ key weak points and areas of strengths.

His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum Pakistan School in Dubai, for instance, has put an enhanced focus on training their teachers and will be increasing their salaries.

The principal of the non-profit school, Imran Waheed, told a local daily that they were allowed to increase tuition fees by 4.14% this academic year as their ratings moved up to ‘acceptable’ after seven consecutive years of being rated as ‘weak’, authorizing them to pull teacher salaries.

The school has also seen a 30% increase in the number of student admissions since last year because of the improved rating.

He stated that teacher turnover is at a minimum level and this was even noted by the inspectors. This time, they were given the tuition fee raise and he is planning to increase the teachers’ salaries, which hasn’t been done in past years. He even disclosed that the minimum salary of a teacher at the school is Dh3,000.

The school presently has 85 teachers and 1,350 students. It’s licensed by the Community Development Authority (CDA), with tuition fees as low as Dh300 per month. The Pakistani Community Welfare School in Abu Dhabi has also designed an improvement plan, which consist of focusing on the reading and writing skills of students.

School principal Farhat Jadoon told that a high teacher turnover rate continues to be a hindrance as salaries are as low as Dh2,500 to Dh3,000. There are 24 teachers, three assistants and 367 students at the school. The fees of them are as low as Dh230 per month.

The Pakistan Association of Dubai (PAD) has been offering free workshops for Pakistani schools across the nation in attempt to improve their quality.