Survey Reveals UAE Employers Look Beyond Grades When Recruiting

Students who are focusing on the future needs to think about more than just grades if they want to land up with a job. According to a survey, UAE employers are looking beyond grades when hiring new trainees.

The survey of over 450 UAE graduates revealed that a higher mark does not increase the possibility of getting a job. The research showed that a higher percentage of graduates who attained lower scores in university exams had secured a position than those who were at the top of the class.

Over half of those surveyed had already secured employment before their graduation. The survey was carried out by Oliv, a Dubai-based technology firm that runs a youth employment platform and, a UAE-based e-commerce platform, with the views of 452 graduates and 216 students pursued.

Major employers like Google and Apple have recently cancelled the requirement of a college degree for applicants.

Jean-Michel Gauthier, chief executive officer and founder of Oliv, stated that the results were suggestive of employers accepting that academic accomplishment was only part of the equation when it came to recruiting the right talent. It’s clear to see UAE employers following the global trend towards much more integrated hiring processes that take into consideration a whole range of aspects, not just education.  The survey showed that 70% of graduates polled had completed some kind of work experience, of which only 27% was unpaid. This is a marked improvement from last year when the survey revealed that four out of ten internships or work placements were unrewarded.

Students in UAE are positive about securing employment after graduating, with 43% of respondents stating that they were hopeful they would get a job in the nation. A quarter of students stated that they would be ready to wait for a year to find a role in the nation.