Students Contend for Dh10m Solar Prize in Dubai

Design students from across the world have arrived in Dubai in order to be a part of the international competition. The competition is meant for building solar-powered houses. The competition which is titled as Solar Decathlon was initiated by the US government in 2002. This year, the Middle East is going to host the competition for the first time. it is scheduled to start from 14th November till 29th November at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park in Dubai.

Undergraduates from 15 universities would be provided 2 weeks time to finish their projects and win the prize money of Dh10 million. The participating teams would be judged under various groups such as cost- effectiveness, innovation, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

A team leader of American University Dubai sated that they are working to develop a house that is self-sustainable. Meanwhile, they would be also looking into the fact that people can live inside the house.

Vittorino Belpolita, assistant professor of architecture and engineering at the University of Sharjah is supervising the project of his team. His project has been touted as Know House makes use of available spaces with partitions that can slide. He stated that this kind of house id being constructed by Emiratis for Emiratis. He hopes this kind of project would make the younger generations very responsible.

Shao-Ling Huang, from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, stated that the project of his team is aimed to breathe life into dilapidated cities. He stated that he wants to make an universal space which is sustainable and can be used for any purposes.