Student Innovators Would be Stealing the Show at Dubai Design Week

While contemplating on eco-tourism, one often envisions eco-friendly lodges amidst lush green forests. However, a team of students from the NYU Abu Dhabi are trying to create low impact tourism for the desert.

Dubai Design Week which would be inaugurated next month will see various kinds of innovations made by the students. The innovations would become the linchpin exhibits for the week-long event. The Global Grad Show will feature 150 projects from university teams from around the world. The teams would be competing for a cash prize and investment would be made so that the winning projects can be taken forward.

Seven teams would be representing the UAE. Brendan McGetrick, director and manager of the Global Grad Show, stated on Monday that two of the rare projects for this year will come from Abu Dhabi.

One team from NYU Abu Dhabi will be manifesting a way that has never been possible before for tourism in the UAE. McGetrick stated that the students would be initiating the first eco-tourist destination rooted on the desert surroundings in the UAE. The design will depend on space expedition technology and previous construction techniques. It will be designed on an eco-friendly house that won’t affect the environment.

Another team consisting of two female students from Khalifa University will be displaying an interesting invention. They are coming up with an energy efficient way to desalinate sea water, which is an immense necessity in this area. The design of this model is less energy exhaustive and highly innovative.

Rue Kothari, fair director of Downtown Design, informed that the week-long event won’t have to allure people having an eye for design. Even others will be able to enjoy the event which would feature workshops for children and families.

Dubai Design Week will be a free event and will run from 13th to 17th November from (10am-10pm) at the Dubai Design District.