Sheikh Nayhan States That UAE Is One Such Country Which Is Tolerant To All Religion, Race, and People

Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak, who heads the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Social Development, stated that their country whenever possible would try to solve the problem of the Arab is facing; as well as solve the regional and internationals tension, crisis, and disputes. He further added that their country, the UAE receives gladly people belonging to different religion and races. This action of their country is very similar to the acts conducted by the late High Highness Sheikh Zayed decades ago.
While delivering a speech on the International Day of Peace, the Minister of Tolerance stated that the present leadership of the country follows the footsteps of the founding President. The leaders also try to attain peace and happiness for the people as well as for the countries. In fact, they try to attain peace regardless of religion, race, ideology, and culture to which the people belong to.
Sheikh Nahyan, who has been working as a veteran minister with the government, also echoed the country’s commitment made to the United Nations and UN Charter. He echoed that his country completely respects the international laws and charters, exclusively concerning upholding human rights, attaining peace, advocating tolerance, respecting variety, and scraping all kinds of terrorism, discrimination, intolerance, violence, extremism, as well as hatred.
During the time of conflict in the region, he stated that their nation will carry on with their efforts to boost communication, discussion and joint cooperation. The International Day of Peace, often known as the World Peace Day, was first started in the year 1982.
The United Nations Peace Bell, which was made from coins was donated by children from various continents, will be rung at the headquarters of the organization on 21st September, in order to caution people about the human cost of battle.