Safety for School Bus Will Be Enhanced Under the New Master Plan for Transport

The Regulations for school transport are to get tighter under a new master plan which is currently being studied by the RTA or the Roads and Transport Authority. The master plan for school transportation which is revised is likely to set higher standards for the sector that enhances the safety for the students particularly on the road.

CEO of Public Transport Agency of RTA said the School Bus Transport Manual which is exists will be revised and modified as part of the new master plan which is being launched shortly. The Public Transport Agency of the Roads and Transport Authority governs the general transportation in Dubai as well as the school transport operations. The study is in progress and the changes will also be implemented according to the revision which will be made. The best practices will be identified by the international benchmarking in specifications and to apply them for school buses all over Dubai.

Master-Plan for School Transport

The update of the regulations and rules which govern the transportation for school will be done as part of the school transport master-plan study. It will also be modified and updated as per requirement. The law has already been revised and it is still being revised frequently for assuring the smooth transport for all the students in Dubai. The revision will be done is based on a number of surveys that have been done according to the statistics on the users of school bus in Dubai. It is also to understand the reasons for not using the services of school bus by some of the students.

Dashboard in View

The operators of school transport are all geared up for the next academic year to start off. This is because they will serve more than 1,45,000 students from almost 200 private schools across Dubai. New safety apparatus and better route have been planned for the technological upgradation. The numbers of schools which have been certified by RTA have increased from 6093 to 6134.