Reports Show Dubai Is Battling Global Animal Trafficking

UAE border officials are grabbing more exotic animals in their fight against traffickers. According to reports, the traffickers are using Dubai as a passage point. A detailed report centered on air-transport established the UAE enjoys the third-highest spot of smuggling cases between 2009 and 2017. Within the report was also included confiscation of animals and animal products at Dubai airport.  Some of the abroad hauls were the result of international efforts taken by the police and Dubai customs. China and Thailand shared the first and second spot as huge amount of smuggling cased were reported from those countries.

Dubai is considered as a crucial transit route And Dubai authorities are continually fighting to bring an end to illegal animal trafficking, especially birds. According to International Fund for Animal Welfare in Dubai, Dubai International Airport is one of the major shipment centers among smugglers. Ms Kabi from the International Fund for Animal Welfare stated that over 90 million passengers make use of the Dubai airport. Hence, using the airport by the smugglers is an obvious fact.

Emirates and Etihad Airways have vowed to provide support for anti-trafficking campaigns and want to pinpoint the misery it brings to the animals and also to stop supporting the criminals.

Ms Kabi stated that they are expecting to obtain more intelligence reports and news of confiscation or attempts to smuggle animals or animal products, the news needs to be shard so that action can be taken. According to the latest report, between 2009 to n2017, 387 trafficking cases were reported at airports in China; whereas 150 such cases were reported from Thailand and 117 from the UAE. For the smuggling of wildlife between Africa and Asia, Kenya and the UAE is used as the basic transport points. Mostly smuggled prohibited wildlife was birds and it was followed by reptiles and ivory. However, reports showed that small amount of traffic moved through Dubai.

One thing which could be seen from wildlife seizures at the airports are that there is a steep rise in wildlife trafficking and also it is not remaining undetected. In fact, trafficking of wildlife is associated with health, security concerns, international safety, and also about the fate of some species.