Pakistan PM Would Be Attending World Government Summit in Dubai

At the World Government Summit (WGS 2019), Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan would be addressing the government representatives. During an important session of the summit, Mr Khan would be speaking about the vision he holds for Pakistan’s future and also on what he sees as Pakistan’s crucial socio-economic role in the region and also in the vast world.

Khan’s presence is a noteworthy addition to the agenda of the seventh WGS, which is being held under the aegis of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Mr Khan would be sharing his views on the growth of human resources, the government’s prestigious work at home and in the overseas, and enhancing dynamic sectors, all of which donate to constructing a preferable future for the Pakistani youth. He will also be stating the action that his government is taking i.e. one which is highlighting on making the most of its wealth in human capital.

The Pakistan government is looking forward to strengthen the nation’s position on the global economic and trade map, through the help of community-focused drives, like offering job opportunities for the youth and constructing crucial housing projects, etc according to a statement from the UAE government.

The WGS would kick off from 10th February and will continue till 12th February at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. The historic event is set to bring together over 4,000 participants from 140 nations, which includes heads of state and governments, as well as top-brass representatives of 30 international organizations.