New job creation system has been announced by Abu Dhabi for the Emiratis

A ‘sustainable job creation system’ has been developed by the government of Abu Dhabi for the Emiratis. This has been done as a part of a recent accelerator programme termed as ‘Ghadan 21’.

The aim of this system is to create more opportunities for jobs, to qualify and train the job seekers, initiate plans of placement and of establishing strategic partnerships with the private sectors for enhancing Emiratisation.

The Abu Dhabi executive Council revealed the 10 steps which will be launched under the pillar of ‘society’ according to the Ghadan 21 programme.

The development programme spanning three years and costing DH50 billion got the approval of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin zayed Al Nahyan who is the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and also the Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

Almost 1500 Emiratis have got placements over the period of the last three months and 3500 vacancies have been located across the major government and significant private organizations.

Specific training programmes are offered to polish and build up the capabilities and skills of the job seekers for matching the job qualifications.

One more initiative under the pillar of ‘society’ will be the set up of six private schools which will be affordable and would offer 15,000 seats by the year 2021. A further 15,000 seats will become available by the year 2019 in the government charter schools.

A social investment fund would be made for supporting projects which have a fixed impact on the development of the social services in the emirate. The mandate by the Social Assistance Authority has got the approval for giving financial and non-financial assistance to families which would be eligible across the emirate.

Activation programmes will also be developed by the authority along with collaboration with its strategic partners. The plan to launch the first programme will be in 2019.