Long Term UAE Visas Are Highly In Demand among Doctors and Students

UAE is starting the long term Visa scheme from this year itself. This feature will allow people to reside in the country for as long as ten years. There is also a five year stay scheme. This facility is being taken as a good opportunity by many especially the doctors and the students from all over the world. A ten year visa for a doctor means a stable growth in career along with many new avenues for research and development.

On successful fulfillment of the required criteria and eligibility many have already started preparing for the application procedures. The current two years residing scheme does not make doctors think of performing long term researches. The extension of the residing scheme will be an added advantage for doctors. They can conduct long term researches. According to a doctor, this scheme will act a job security. Long term stay assures job security.

As for students, many students have already started inquiring about this procedure in the student’s visa quota. A student said that when he inquired about the decision of extension earlier the authorities said that the decision was not finalized, however later with the help of social media he came across the news of this new scheme. The government will now begin to issue visas under special category.

Parents also welcome this move as they say that such a decision would open more opportunities for their children and let them explore and learn more with the increased duration of stay. The authorities have declared a list of eligibility criteria for the visa applicants. The procedure has become much simpler than before. Most people have welcomed the move with a note of appreciation and are eagerly waiting for its implementation.