Keralites thank UAE and the use of Social Media

People of the Indian state of Kerala are using social media to convey their thanks and gratitude to the leadership of the UAE as well as its people for the incredible assistance they are providing during one of the darkest hours of the state. Kerala has been ravaged by massive floods. The UAE has sent financial aid along with humanitarian assistance to the state to support rescue efforts.

Even Indian expats from the state of Kerala have conveyed their thanks to the leadership of the United Arab Emirates for extending help to the ravaged state.

The use of social media in supporting the Kerala aid efforts cannot be denied. Celebrities in India are using social media networks such as Twitter and Instagram to raise awareness of the floods in Kerala and the problems being faced by the people there. Some of them have even used social media to point out how people can donate to the ongoing relief efforts in the state.

In fact, social media networks have proven to be a boon during the floods. Phone networks in the state were affected because of the inclement weather. As a result, many victims of the flood started to upload photos and videos to social media networks to spread word of the destruction and disruption. Social media networks were also used to provide information and details such as emergency numbers to those stranded.

His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, has already called a national emergency committee to oversee the assistance provided. The UAE has raised and donated $100 million towards the relief efforts in Kerala.