IVF Treatment will Benefit Thousands of Married couple in UAE

The UAE Legislation has come up with new changes in the IVF law and it is estimated that the new law would be benefitting more than thousands of married couples who were looking for the treatment.  Under the new draft law that was passed this week, the IVF treatment would allow about thousands of married couples to preserve their embryos for a minimum of five years.

The demand for the treatment has been rising steadily in the United Arabs Emirates and one clinic in the Mena region every year helps around 10,000 married couples for the treatment each year.

The fertility experts have also applauded the new change brought in the IVF treatment as they said that this change would not only save money but also time for the patients. Previously this treatment was considered to be very expensive and also a very tiring process.

The treatment is a multistep process and it involves egg retrieval followed by fertilization and also the transfer of the embryos in the womb. Now that the new changes are in action, it would allow the couple to freeze their embryos for several years eliminating them from going through the initial stages.

As per the existing law, the couples are only entitled to three free cycles of the treatment every year and the insurance packages of the non Emiratis hardly covered the treatment.

The Chief Executive of Health Plus, one of the treatment providers of IVF in Dubai and Abu Dhabi said that the fertility experts have been eager for such kind of regulation for a year and now that it was passed by the legislation it proved to be beneficial for many.