Ireland Praises Education Cooperation with UAE

On Saturday, the academic cooperation between United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been praised by the Irish Minister of State. The Minister of State for Higher Education of Ireland, Mary Mitchell O’Connor said that more than 540 Emirati students have graduated from the Dublin-based Royal College of Surgeons CSI, since 2016.

The report has marked the Irish culture, the religious holidays and the St. Patrick’s Day. Conner said that nearly 10,000 Irish citizens are living in UAE and this is one the largest number of European expats in the Middle East region. In the community of expats, 3,000 are teachers which suggest that the cooperation between the teachers of UAE and the Irish Department of Education is very strong.

Conner also said that the higher academic institutions in Ireland attract the students of UAE. The University college of Dublin which is the largest university in Ireland and one of the top research institutes in Europe have sent a team to UAE to extend its operations in this part of the continent. Saturday marked the starting of the two day annual event Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai which is also dubbed as Davos of Education.

The main focus of Ireland’s participation in the expo at Dubai will be research, development, innovation and education. Arab soil will host the World Expo for the first time from October 2020 to April 2021.