Indian Consulate in Dubai to mark Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday with Two Year Celebrations

The Consulate General of India in Dubai has announced that it will be having long celebrations for two years to mark 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday. The event will go on from 2nd October this year to 2nd October 2020. The theme of the event will be Bapu@150. During these two years, there will be a number of activities which includes lectures, quizzes, and exhibitions that are based on the ideals and the principals of Gandhiji.

One of the first events which will take place under the celebrations of Bapu@150 will be motivational talks that will feature-world renowned motivational speaker, Sister Shivani. The event will see her giving an inspirational talk to the participants which aims at awakening them. They will be awakened on the foundations of happiness and harmony on 5th October in Abu Dhabi at the Bright Riders School. This event will also be held on October 6, 2018, at the Dubai World Trade Centre. This event has been organized by the Roots Events and supported by the Consulate General of India under the Raja Yoga Centre. It aims to inspire the participants from all spheres of life for exploring the foundations. It is also to elevate their awareness on the ways by which they can nurture these natural gifts.

Activities during the celebrations of Bapu@150 will propagate the message which Gandhiji has said about non-violence, truth, love, harmony, and happiness. The schools of Dubai will also conduct different kinds of activities like quiz competitions, debates, and essay writing competitions. They will also show films which have been made on Gandhiji in the Consulate. Many exhibitions will also be held all over the Dubai like exhibitions on khadi and many more over a period of two years.