Indian Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi to Visit UAE For Delivering Speech On India

Rahul Gandhi, India’s Congress president would be on a two days trip to UAE. It will also be his first international trip on the year. He is scheduled for a meeting with the workers community at Dubai’s Labour accommodation on the 11th of January.

A team from the Indian Overseas Congress would be conducting a presentation on the different issues that are faced by the Indian Diaspora in UAE to the Amethi MP

Himanshu Vyas, the secretary of the All India Congress Committee said that the meeting will not be a political one and it was their way of reaching out to the Indian diaspora. There are several workers who face many challenges and issues.

Rahul Gandhi is also supposed to speak to the students apart from visiting the labours accommodations for interacting with the workers community.

Additionally he is also supposed to hold private meeting with the members of the Indian Business and Professional council.

In the 12th of January Rahul is supposed to head for Abu Dhabi where he will meet the UAE ministers too.