The Hidden Gems Must Shine To Hit Tourism Goal for Dubai

The rulers of Dubai have set their targets to make the place the biggest tourist spot of the world within the year 2025 but the hidden gems must also be allowed to shine is they want to meet their targets, experts suggest. Currently, Dubai is in the fourth position on the list of the most visited destination across the globe, only after Bangkok, Paris, and London. But there are plans to make this place stand at the top of this list. The Crown Prince of Dubai has also revealed that they are planning to attract more than 25 million visitors every year by 2025.

Tour operators suggested that there is a need to go off the known track in order to retain the number of the visitors to Dubai every year and also to attract more of them apart from luring them with the sun-baked beaches, shiny skyscrapers and tall buildings and a large number of mega-attractions. John Podaras, an expert from the hospitality industry said that the number of visitors to any place will only increase if they are given varied options to visit within the country. Various destinations like Dubai are there which have been established well to cater to the wide range of activities for the tourists.

Apart from the high-end places like the palm hotels, Jumeirah beach and the other luxury destinations Dubai needs to start off with some of the rarest of experiences which will make the visitors feel more special. It is important to know that at the end of the day the tourist wants to visit specialized tourist attractions and experiences rather than only getting pampered. Some destinations must be made in Dubai which will be able to bring back the tourists once again. The country still thinks that they will be able to cater to large numbers with the target in mind-ambitious tourism.