Here’s How UAE Once Again Made it to the Guinness World Record in 2018

UAE known for its humongous entries in the book of Guinness World Record is once brimming with 95 new entries for 2019. The country always made it happen by possessing something biggest or tallest most sought-after entries.

However, 2018 has witnessed beyond the usual and thus, this year the records are more fun and exciting. Some of the major entries which fall nothing short of stunning are given below:

Largest Christmas Bauble

The famous Dubai Mall this time unveiled the world’s largest Christmas bauble with a height of 6.597 meters, and a width of 4.689 meters respectively. As per the sources, it took a team of 15 people and an effort of 3 nights to assemble and put it up in the mall.

Largest human image of a coffee pot

The India International School in Sharjah made a groundbreaking largest human image of a coffee pot with 5,500 students. This impressive stunt was achieved in the first attempt itself.

Longest wheelie on quad bike

An unusual stunt by the Dubai Police again made it to the chart. They performed the longest wheelie on the quad bikes clocking up 60 km. The most thrilling part was that the entire stunt was performed without the front wheels touching the road.

Tallest topiary sculpture

A floral mickey mouse of 18-meter long was unveiled in February at Dubai Miracle Garden. This topiary sculpture made into the world’s tallest ornamental shaped plants. It is made up of around 100,000 including plants like white geraniums, zinnia marigolds, red and white petunias etc.

Largest light-and-sound show

This is another extravagant entry UAE achieved in 2018. The nation witnessed the largest light-and-sound-show on Burj Khalifa. This was performed on January 1 2018, to mark the new year. The entire event had the right amalgamation of laser, lights, LED screen, fountains, and sound.

Making minuscule things to a big one is what UAE adept at. With such marvel creations, surely the country is on the roar.