Health and Travel Tips for Those Who Are Going To Haj from UAE

Muslims across Dubai is gearing up to commence on their annual journey to the holy city of Mecca. However, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) doctors are urging the pilgrims to get vaccinated. It is even requesting the pilgrims to take necessary precautions, which will assure them of a healthy and safe journey.

During the DHA’s weekly online Sehatek Live Program, doctors shared some health tips with the pilgrims. The online program basically allows people to raise and share the health concern with the doctors through Twitter posts and Instagram broadcasts. Usually, different topics related to health are covered during the program.

Dr. Ahmed Saleh, who is a consultant in infections and also the head of infection control at Rashid Hospital, stated that it is crucial for the pilgrims to get vaccinated. It would prevent the spread of the disease while doing Haj. He further added that it is the duty of the pilgrims to take deterrent steps which would keep them healthy and sound through Haj. For this reason, as doctors, they are cautioning the pilgrims to take some important vaccines, such as vaccines for seasonal flu or the vaccine for meningococcal. All these vaccines should be taken at least 10-15 days before the commencement of Haj journey. The vaccines can be administered at the primary health-care centre of DHA and it would protect the pilgrims from the deadly infectious diseases.

Dr Selma Eissa Hago Dawd, an Internist Specialist with the Dubai Hospital stated that elderly people, as well as those having chronic diseases, should immediately take preventive steps. Both should visit a doctor, who would check the health before giving any approval. Even if they travel, they should carry all necessary medicines with them. They are advised to keep a card with name, contact number, health condition, and medication mentioned. Keeping a first aid bag is important for the pilgrims.

Clinical nutritionist stated that pilgrims must drink 3-4 litres of water in order to remain hydrated. They should also consume a lot of vegetable and fruits.