Handcrafted Carbon Copy of 1920s Organ Arrives for Papal Mass

Abu Dhabi is all set to welcome the Pope with on February 3. Apart from rendering high security, the authority now has gone one step ahead with the selection of organ. According to the sources, an exquisitely handcrafted organ has come which is inspired by the 1920s organ. Precisely, it is a complete carbon copy of the original.


The designer of this organ, David Mason, took pride in presenting his craftsmanship in the upcoming papal mass. He is extremely overwhelmed to be a part of this holy event. He had mixed emotions when asked about his involvement. David told the task was no less than a double-edged sword. If things don’t fall in the right place on such a robust platform, there will be no limit to his regret.

It took him almost 6 months to design and construct this organ. Intricately curated, the organ has all the period detailed art that an original organ possesses. During the second week of January, Mason and his team got the confirmation that their organ will be played in the mass.

This is a complicated piece of instrument, unlike those digital organs that are available in the market. If sources are to be believed, 120-member choir consisting of singers from 9 different churches along with 8 brass players will flock together to accentuate the event. The music will be one of the soothing features apart from the accompanying hymns. The singers were selected through several auditions. The final choir includes people of nationalities like Italian, Filipino, Indian, Syrian, Lebanese, American, Dutch, Argentinian, Jordanian etc.

The diverse nationalities are indeed an evidence of harmony and tolerance prevalent in the country. Now, the entire nation is anticipating on the arrival of the Pope in the next week.