Google Talks: Unveiling UAE’s Top Searches of 2018

2018’s Google search results saw diverse interests of the people of the UAE reflecting their hopes, aspirations, and concerns. While the list was unusual the entire string of events weren’t exactly unexpected. The highest searches bordered around sports, Bollywood, and tax.

The top search position went to the 2018’s World Cup which France won by overtaking Croatia. The second position went to the Indian Premier League and the events associated with it. The third position was surprising indeed, with it jumping into Bollywood. But, with Bollywood, it’s always scandals or intriguing tales.

So, the most inquisitive search was for the death of 54-year-old Sridevi, who was found drowned in a bathtub in an Emirates Tower hotel. The death was ruled out as an accident but fans conclude there is something more to it. Following Sridevi’s death, the fourth position went to the marriage of India abroad superstar Priyanka Chopra to Disney’s flower boy and global singer Nick Jonas.

The couple’s marriage was the most anticipated one of the year, with fans closely following their actions each day. The fifth position on Google’s list goes to the Emirati Passport Index which surged up as the most powerful global passport in this year. The holder of the Emirati Passport can now travel to more than 167 countries without the need for any pre-visa documentation.

The next most searched shifted to the field of Cinema. Two marvel blockbusters which broke the screens this year were Black Panther and Avengers Infinity war. Marvel fans all across the globe have gone crazy over these two, so it’s not surprising that these movies were featured in Google’s top 10 lists. Surprisingly, the next most searched movie wen to Indian movie Race 3.

Following the scene of entertainment the next most searched was Megan Markel and her marriage to Prince Harry. Indeed, the people of UAE take great interest in the British royal family like all others. The last in the list came the Federal Tax Authority which is planning to introduce VAT on the landmarks across UAE.