In a Global Survey of 94 Nations, UAE Tops the List of Mental Wellness

Everyone might be well-aware of the fact that the mental well-being of a person is greatly responsible for the way one thinks, feel or acts on a daily basis. Being well is more than just defending oneself from disease and the latest mental health revolution mirrors that.

According to Mental Wellbeing Index by Soul Sanctuaries, the UAE residents are able to relish the best mental wellbeing in the world, thanks to its amazingly high number of sunshine hours on average across the year as well as high score on sub-indicator of happiness, social life and nature.

The study disclosed that the UAE scored 28 out of 30 and it was followed by Indonesia (26), Mongolia (25), Kenya (25), Thailand (24), Iceland (24), Malta (24), Canada (24) and the US (24).

The UAE has 3,508.7 sunshine hours per year, which aided it to push to the top rank among 94 nations. The Emirates also scored higher in happiness than Indonesia, Mongolia, Kenya and Thailand but scored lower than Canada, USA and Iceland.

While Burundi attained the lowest score of 11 in the index; other bottom ranked nations are Bangladesh, Benin, China, Congo, Cote dÍvoire, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, Morocco and Tunisia.

The key destinations of Bhutan, Thailand, Indonesia and India are some of the very best nations in the world for comprehensive wellness, but being inquisitive to get a little bit more scientific with the facts and figures by carrying out an analysis of the best nations to live in for positive mental wellbeing.

The study considered six aspects- mental health, sunshine hours, happiness, nature, social life, and kindness.