Get To Enjoy Moroccan Culture in Abu Dhabi

Since the kick-start of the Morocco in Abu Dhabi 2019 last week, UAE’s capital witnessed thousands of visitors heading to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC). The event which would be running till 30th April is trying to make use of every moment in order to enthrall the visitors. In fact, the visitors are enjoying the cultural spectacle of Moroccan culture. This event is going to offer the opportunity to bolster ties and deep-rooted relationship between the UAE and Morocco.

The favorite spot of many visitors is the Museum of Moroccan Heritage, which is displaying rare antiques and relics, which are being showcased outside Morocco for the first time.

A total of 300 relics, which include manuscripts, Islamic pottery, oil lamps, jewelry and horse-riding tools, are on display at the museum with all the trappings of the nation’s lively culture.

Adel Khatem, a Morrocan exhibitor who is participating in the festival stated that guests coming to the festival are able to learn more about Morocco, the culture of the North African nation and its present, past and future. They are getting abreast with Morocco’s architecture, art, music, fashion, cuisine, museums, and rich traditions.

Observing the bond between the UAE and Morocco is the theme of this year’s festival and the festival is dedicated to Moroccan women and their rare character of kindness, adherence, instinct, vision and creativity.

The event would be displaying the nation’s traditional architecture, characterized by its simplicity and distinctive identity.

Besides seeing the best of the nation’s heritage, visitors are treated to Moroccan music and traditional performances.

Culture enthusiasts, can find about the creative genius and gifted talents behind Moroccan craftsmanship, with all the works on display, starting from jewelry and embroidery to raffia shoes, Cherbil, Tazwaqt, engravings on wood sculpture and pottery, as well as the famous amlou and Henna tattoo.

A special evening for an exclusive fashion show is also going to be conducted held during the event.