What The Future Has In Store for the UAE?

The UAE, geographically a tiny nation, has developed so vastly that it has created an extensive global influence. In order to place the country in a better position, the leadership’s of the UAE government consciously tries to understand what’s best for their people and also the world. They try to have a deeper understanding of the need of the nation.

In fact, the country’s crown prince, His Highness Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, also known as Sheikh Mohammed understands this fact very well.

Over the past 10 years, his leadership has been marked by strong alertness and awareness about the UAE’s unique place in the world, and its duty to set an example through anti-terrorism, a strong economy, partnerships, and philanthropy.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed as the chairman of Abu Dhabi Executive Council, supervise everything that takes place within the borders of his continuously growing country.


The UAE, which is blessed with ample fossil fuel reserves, is forever looking forward to growing beyond this source and improve its position in the international order. Added to that, some bold plans have been executed, like Vision 2021. The goal of Vision 2021 is to secure the UAE as a leader not only in the Middle East but also worldwide by setting up a tough knowledge economy and not obligated to oil reserves but focusing on permanent leadership in education and finance.

International Relations

The principles of diplomacy staged by Sheikh Mohammed’s predecessor, Sheikh Zayed, have held strong and been the foundation for the future. The UAE is to be a partner and friend to fellow global leaders and his partnerships with the leaders can pave the pathway to a more peaceful world.


A leading figure in the Middle East, H.H Sheikh Mohammed has taken strong steps against those who try to do harm the citizens. A terrific anti-terror framework, which is well recognized by the UN has been set up. UAE even after having a low crime rate, the international order relies on important figures to keep a careful watch on malevolent forces that pass through their range. Safety of the citizens from vicious forces behind international terrorism, drug trafficking, etc is crucial for the UAE leadership. Hedayah centre in Abu Dhabi stands as a promise to end large-scale violence and ensure peace and international order.


For a prosperous country like the UAE, charitable acts form an important concern. It can be easily proved through H.H Sheikh Mohammed’s ongoing example of support and kindness.

In collaboration with the Gates Foundation, the crown prince has pledged $100 million to the delivery of lifesaving vaccines to poverty-stricken children in the Middle East.

His pledge to cure destructive disease goes even further, with a $120 million donation to fight against debilitating polio infections. He even set up a species Conservation Fund to maintain the animal population worldwide.

Well, on the world stage, this geographically small nation holds strong importance and tries to maintain that.