Experts Tips for a Safe and Healthy Summer

The UAE residents are being constantly reminded of the necessity to take necessary precautions, in order to ensure a safe summer.  If one takes a look into the historical records, between 1977 and 2018, the maximum temperature recorded in Dubai was 47.9°C. In fact, interior regions of the nation recorded higher maximum temperatures. For instance, Rezeen in Abu Dhabi, recorded 49.6C between 2013 and 2018, as per the figures obtained from the National Centre of Meteorology. By July and August, it gets even hotter; however, the maximum temperature could reach to 50°C range in some places, especially in interior regions.

With summer officially setting-off on 21st June, experts stated that the UAE residents must take steps to keep their body temperature cool and protect themselves from the sweltering heat.

According to the doctors and dietitians, the most important health tip for getting summer-ready is to keep the body hydrated. This is because the body loses excessive water content in hot weather. One should drink water very often and even before feeling thirsty.

It’s better to remain indoors as much as possible, especially between 11.30am and 3.30pm. Until its necessary, one shouldn’t venture outdoors. In order to avoid exposure, proper planning needs to be done.

Sunscreens should be an essential thing for everyone. Dr Arif personally recommends people to use umbrella whenever one ventures out. One should use sunglasses. Another way to get relief from the heat is to wear hats and carry portable fans. Wearing light and loose clothing, preferably cotton, is advisable. Outdoor activities should be restricted to early morning and late evenings. In fact, parents should limit the outdoor activities of children also.