Everything One Needs to Know about UAE’s National Experts Programme

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces started the National Experts Programme. This programme was started this week during Sheikh Mohamed’s visit to the Founder’s Memorial.

Sheikh Mohamed stated that the goal of this programme is to set up a rich base of national proficiency that will move the nation towards a knowledge-based economy.

Sounds interesting, but what this programme will encompass? To Know about it, you will have to go through the rest of the blog.

Knowing about National Experts Programme

Twenty Emiratis from a different dimension of backgrounds have been picked in order to get trained by a mentor and develop their set or reserved skill. Each skill would fall under four main groups: Social Development, Infrastructure and environment, Economic Development, and Security and International Affairs.

During the six-month programme, candidates would be required to participate in both classroom-based learning as well as off-site learning that would be given by the experts. The participants will be following their mentor and will table a sector-specific project that necessitate the presentation of a strategy report directing a challenge or a chance extensively, an all-inclusive sector analysis and a suggested road map.

The participants will be then lead into long-term managerial learning to help them reach a plausible level of sector-specific prowess in conformity with international standards.

Conducted by Ahmed Talib Al Shamsi, the programme would be held annually with the goal of passing an alumnus of 100 national experts in five batches, by 2022.

The participants were selected after recommendations that were followed with rigorous interviews to build knowledge across certain sectors, a strong dream to serve the country and a long-term pledge towards personal progress.

During Sheikh Mohamed’s trip to the Founder’s Memorial, he informed the members of the programme that witnessing their faces gave him great hope. Hence, his solution was to depend on the nationals who would become the captains of the industry later on. The country is blessed to see the quick progress of the young people.