ERC Renovates National Cultural Library in Dhala, Yemen

The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) again reinstated the National Cultural Library in Dhala Governorate, Yemen, after it remained closed for many years. The restoration is a part of the growing efforts to support and overhaul many vital sectors within the liberated governorates of the country. This effort of the ERC jibes with the Year of Zayed.

Major General Ali Muqbel Saleh, Governor of Dhala, opened the library, in the attendance of Nabil Al Afif, Under-Secretary of the Governorate, and Abdulbasset Abdulmajid Al Ruwaini, Founder and Director of the National Cultural Library.

Major General Saleh hauled the ERC’s assistance for the governorate’s services sectors that consists of infrastructure projects. He even asserted his acknowledgment for the continuous support of the UAE, through its charitable arm, the ERC. The ERC has been providing support for local services, for relief sectors as well as for development sectors.

He urged the students, intellectuals, and teachers to pay a visit to the library again after ERC revamps it completely.

Al Ruwaini asserted that the library has been opened again and appreciated ERC for helping it to reopen it.

The library was founded in the year 2003 and houses more than 6800 foreign books. 14500 books belonging to different categories are also present in the library. Moreover, the library houses more than 5500 major works.

The National Cultural Library is the only library in the Dhala Governorate; however, it closed down as the employees were not paid. The operational budget as handled by the Heritage Fund in San’aa that was controlled by the Houthi rebels.