To Encourage and Support Learning UAE Schools Switch To Virtual Reality

Virtual learning is making the classroom learning process more lively and interesting regardless of the fact that the new technologies is already being used in the UAE. In the UAE, schools are experimenting with virtual reality in order to involve pupils in artificial environments, which bolster creativity, problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

Popular online games like Minecraft – in which pupils can form objects using an array of blocks in a 3D world – are already being used by teachers in the nation.

On Monday, at Bett MEA, an education event held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre trends in education technology became a popular theme

Teachers along with experts from education technology assembled in order to discuss the future of education. Virtual reality might be able to take the shape of developing a house in a game or making the use of a headset to help engage the pupil in a story.

Virtual reality offers many great things. It’s ideal for storytelling and for students to see state-of-the-art concepts they couldn’t have experienced, according to Anthony Salcito, vice president of Worldwide Education at Microsoft. He stated that there are going to be great chances for bringing deeply engaging experiences with virtual reality. He thinks augmented reality has the potential to be a valuable education resource.

Augmented reality involves superimposing sounds or images onto a real-world environment.

Through augmented reality, a teacher can bring up the image of a dinosaur.

Omar Farooqui, the founder of Dubai-based Coded Minds, an alternative education company which develops programmes for young people, stated that technology would play a significantly important role in education in years to come but is not yet a focal point of teaching in schools. However, he thinks that education technology would soon “become ever-present in classrooms.”