Emirati women are judiciously embracing the numerous jobs coming with Space Race

Recent reports state that Emirati women are taking more interest in the hundreds of jobs in space centers more than any other women in global counties. Numerous women with degrees in science and engineering are applying to Mohammed bin Rashid Space program with hopes to work for space explorations.

These women each want to actively take part in UAE’s March Mission Probe in 2020 which will arrive on the red planet by 2021.

These women who are taking up such keen interest in outer space are not more than 27 years of age. Further, according to the project manager of KhalifaSat, Amer Al Sayegh Al Ghafi nearly 40% of the employees in Mohammed bin Rashid Space program are young women.

Now, the UAE is striving to ensure these women become noted names and get immense success in the field of space. Currently, the UAE is planning to develop into one of the leading space programs in the globe. They have 10 satellites at work and plans are being taken to expand. Additionally, the UAE is initiating a program for developing a world-class engineering talent pool to ensure new talents showcase their skills and are recognized.

The UAE with their numerous female applicants in space is much appreciated by several global nations. The US is currently trying to generate the interest of their girls to take an active part in aero science and space. The countries are also trying to boost women empowerment by targeting young girls of 12-13 to boost their interest in space.

Only if the other global countries manage to garner more females into fields of science like UAE new talents could be discovered.