Emirati Students in France Arranges Zayed Tribute Concert

A group of students would be organizing a musical concert in France in order to honor the Year of Zayed. The musical concert would not only feature Western classical compositions, it would also include modern Arabic music. The musical concert would be marking a century since the birth of the late Sheikh Zayed  bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Five students from the Emirates along with another student are doing a master’s degree in Performing Arts Management from the Sorbonne University in Abu Dabi. The students are keen to highlight the impact of the late Sheikh’s provision on the increasing number of talents emerging in the UAE. The concert is due to be held on 12TH October at the Sorbonne University in Paris. For the concert, compositions of distinguished composers would be played.

An Emirati pianist, a perform at the concert, and also the head of the music section at the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development stated that the group wants to highlight the way the UAE nourishes talents. For this reasons, joint performances of the East and West would be conducted. She further added that composers along with the performers would infuse life into the Western classical music performance and also to the UAE’s traditional music form.

The Western part of the concert along with the French musicians would be lead by Al Hashemi. She focused on the fact that music can bridge gaps among the civilization. While Hasemi would be organizing the artistic programme, even the students would be arranging sponsors and also market the event, under the guidance of professors.

The concert would be honoring the 180th birth anniversary of Georges Bizet, the 100th death anniversary of Debussy, and also the 200th birth anniversary of French composer Charles Gounod.

The UAE Embassy in Paris being the main sponsor for the concert, apart from the Sorbonne University. Financial assistance would be provided through the concert.