Emirates Nature-WWF Requests UAE Community to Reduce Food Waste during This Ramadan

On Tuesday, Emirates Nature-WWF has advised the UAE community to curtail or diminish the wastage of food during the holy month of Ramadan. The environmental advocacy group stated that during this Ramadan, the UAE residents can exercise mindfulness when shopping, eating and cooking in order to deal with food wastage.

Emirates Nature-WWF, which has been started by the World Wildlife Fund, the “Save 1/3” food waste campaign” persuades the community to as a group change its present habits and donate to the goal of saving one-third of food wastage in the UAE. With alteration as small as creating a shopping list and a meal plan to avoid unrepressed buying, and freezing leftover food, the level of food wastage can be reduced brilliantly.

Laila Mostafa Abdullatif, Director-General of Emirates Nature-WWF, stated that they are all related and rely upon healthy and plentiful food and natural resources for survival. This Ramadan, Emirates Nature-WWF urges all residents and citizens of the UAE to mirror on their eating habits and learn ways to shop smarter, cook smarter, and eat smarter. Through the ‘Save 1/3 campaign’, the group dreams and wishes to back the UAE in dealing with the global issue of one-third of the food produced going to waste.

Food production has a colossal effect on the environment and worldwide, with 1.3 billion tons being wasted yearly. The approach through which communities generate and consume food is one of the greatest threats to the planet.

Production of food uses the largest portion of all land and freshwater on the Earth and is the greatest cause of deforestation and toxic greenhouse gas emissions which are amongst the many causes of climate change.

Recently started, the Emirates Nature-WWF blog titled, ‘Yalla Green’, acts as an informative guide, providing tips on how to shop, cook and consume food more systematically.

Emirates Nature-WWF, in association with Emirates Bio Farm, has questioned Emirati food influencer Chef Khaled to transform funny looking vegetables provided by the farm into two Iftar recipes.