Emirate IDs will Help People to Accelerate the Organ Donation Process

People of the UAE can now use their registered Emirate IDs to accelerate the process of organ donation. After a considerable wait, intricate details were revealed about this procedure this Wednesday. To start with the scratch, a database of a few selected donors will be available to various hospitals. Thus, the health sector will monitor the feasibility of the organs in real time.

The donors who have earlier signed up to the National Program for Organ Transplantation are legitimate to take part in this procedure. The entire workflow will be conducted with the aid of Hayat application. It was launched on the 3rd day of Arab Health in Dubai. It is one of the region’s significant & largest healthcare conference.

The officials of the Ministry of Health and Prevention threw some light on this great event. They demonstrated the entire procedure and how the database would be functional in the time of need. They also mentioned that every detail of the patients are secure as the app is equipped with blockchain technology.

With the aid of state-of-the-art cryptography, information of both the parties will remain protected by end-to-encryption. For the uninitiated, blockchain is a platform which is equivalent to a secure ledger. It keeps the transaction safer and sturdy.

Here, in the case of Hayat app, the platform is in use to ensure the transferred donor information from an Emirates ID remain protected. Hence, the donor will remain anonymous in any situation.

This is perhaps a comprehensive step toward the national donor programme. People who want to become an organ donor can go register themselves to the official website with their Emirates ID. While registering, the users will be given a copy of organ donation law as a part of the legal agreement process.