Dubai School Students write Letters and Donate Goods for Syrian Refugees

Students of a Dubai school have arranged a humanitarian aid drive for Syrian refugees. Along with food and clothing donations, they are also looking forward to gather piles of touching letters, all written in Arabic, which can elevate the spirits of people in need.

The drive was put together by Raffles World Academy pupils, Saher Kapadia and Max Uyttenbroeck, in association with the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC).

Presently, the charity drive which is in its second edition would be accumulating donations of supplies, like clothing, toiletries, blankets, and food for Syrian refugees in Lebanon and other nations.

Kapadia told a local daily that he wishes this drive acts as a reminder to people that there are millions of refugees in need of their help and support. Regardless of the lack of news coverage, it is crucial to not forget the suffering refugees go through and the conditions under which they live presently.

He told that they have decided to open the charity drive to the whole of Dubai, since an article about the drive was published in the daily last year. He stated that he has received many messages from people who want to donate books and clothes. He wishes that this initiative would grow larger because it would mean more refugees would profit from the items donated.

He even mentioned that they have partnered with Emirates Red Crescent in order to not only help refugees living in Lebanon but also help refugees living in other nations.

In March this year, the US reported that Daesh no longer managed any Syrian territories and that they had been crushed. International media has been reporting that the eight-year-long Syrian civil war is finally nearing to a conclusion, even though their presence could be seen in parts of northern Iraq, Nigeria, and Liberia.

According to the United Nations, the civil war has fostered over 5.6 million Syrian refugees and 6.1 million internally dislodged people. Over half a million people have been killed since the start of the war.

As part of the charity initiative, students at Raffles World Academy and Dubai’s communities’ members are being inspired to write letters of support to the refugees.

Backing the mental health of refugees is just as important as helping their physical needs. Hence, with every donation, it would be amazing to receive a letter written in Arabic. The campaign which comes to an end on 30th April; however, the date may be increased, in case the students see a wide response from public.