Dubai to Be One of World Leading Cultural Destinations

In five years time, Dubai Plans to transform completely to the world’s leading cultural city. The director general of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Saeed Al Nabouda, talks about this bold vision. He is himself involved in this idea putting huge efforts to prepare for this legacy. In an event that marked the 10th anniversary of his organization he talked about this idea.

To his statement, the director also added saying that Dubai is already a popular destination for shopping and business and developing the nation culturally is the next step for bringing an evolution. Five years could result in Dubai’s transformation to a global cultural hotspot.

Nabouda also said that the main objective of this project is to take Emirate to the next level. He said that there was presence of rich culture in Dubai in the past but at that point of Time the infrastructure must not have been at place.

The current project will ensure both the qualities and requirements meet together, so that the nation can get developed culturally and they can celebrate their art even as part of their career without doing any other standby job.