Dubai Is Expecting Massive Rush of International Passengers

The airport of Dubai remains busy throughout the year. However, the Emirates are expecting a heavy rush of passengers in the first few days of the New Year. According to an official of the Emirate, more than 180,000 travellers might be travelling towards the end of this week to avail the facility of terminal 3 of the Emirates. Roughly the same number of people will be arriving at the country as well.

As the holiday season is over, the majority of the travellers will now be heading home. On the other hand, for the Dubai Shopping Festival, a bevy of people is going to arrive in Dubai to enjoy the Dubai Shopping Festival.

The official predicted that 2nd January is going to be the busiest time for them. The officials urged the travellers to travel with ample time in their hands. As road constructions are going near the airport main roads and the highways of the country, the passengers can get delayed.

The passengers need to remember that the gates open 90 minutes before departure. The staff of the Emirates starts the boarding procedure 45 minutes before the departure time. The gates close 20 minutes before departure.

The Emirates has a strict policy of not allowing passengers after the closing of the gate.